MegaTron Is Back? Are we Ready?

Story blog/ Promo week description.
Jun 09, 2020

Whats good M Tribe!  my name is Anne'. Im 25. From denver colorado via the Islands. im proud to say ive followed MegaTron since the days of ground ^  with SkiLo and old tracks with DNA like "cut the check" or hearing "Bounce" on music mondays at cold crush, through the wolf project 1&2 ( 2 is my favorite) i play boss'n and broken mirrors videos everyday before i go to work! The Pagoda EP is the first time i recognized MT lyrical Skils, and Song writting ability was at an elite level at an early stage in his career. i began falling in love with his stage presence after winning open mics vs Bh2dots from Squizzy gang to being a stand out performer at Originates "family nights" and the Originate cypher with the session uncut, DJ 5280 and Jaz the great from KS107.5, i just remember the chills as i got watch on Comcast live cause i could everyone wrote something and he just winged it, "off the dome", the confidence level to do that on TV... whaaaat.i met megatron a handful of times. the standouts epic i got to see a line up of Denver best underground artist such as Myell west coast, Dante that guy, Ray Lyle, Jay Triiiple,Chy Reco, Misfit, Kayla Rae,Ave Grim,Lo-Pez and many more. it was his birthday and the energy Mr.MT carries is UNREAL. he lights up the room and made the jam session worth it to everyone and all though it was for a jacquees concert that never came to, i saw bonds that were formed that night that are still in effect today around the 303. it was special to be apart of. Older cousin, Justin Johnson CEO of Dream Is Grind Spoke so highly of his young cousin saying that "he just has that "It" factor that makes everything sense. hes a multi talented artist and has a huge upside and potential a true leader, he maximizes his role in any situation given the chance he can handle the spot light and anything else that could come. the look is there, the music is there and he learning the business side from people who really want to see him win, from his brother Dj Action to the Best in the city vets like Ameazy and Trev Rich to underground like Rooftop York n Connor Ray {currently known as Way} , he soaks in alot of game, but finds a way to translate it to what he can do." thinking back on that day, i realized what he was saying when MegaTron delivered his ticket to me in person to come to "The World is Ours Fashion Experience. he pulled up soooo fresh and was more excited than i was!?! WTH! i wanted yo cry, but you can cry in front your favorite rapper right?! he blew the stage up several times, The line up was fire! the clothes and the models were unique and really brought the city out and  on top of that threw a sold out fashion concert with kcamp as the headline like... PERIODDDD!!! hes my guy at that point! a month later he opened for Denver legends Top Flite Empire and crushed it! he controlled a sold out crowd and made the general population say "whos that"? as a proud supporter and fan i kept up with the journey to LA through social media as well as i befriended him on facebook. which brings me here, megatron asked me to blog from the fans point of view about the new music, and specifically the intro to the "WARRIOR EP". and to be honest, this is the best megatron has ever sounded to me, seriously from rhymes to flow to beat selection it sounds like a big level up and upgrade of his artistry. I also see he has a theme of hardened and focused aggression. this intro gives me a mix of dreams and nightmares with a west coast bounce of like a DJ quik intro. no hook but theres catchy parts, no structure but theres bridges between verses but hes choppin the whole beat! and then you mix it with a "blasian beats" and KA-BOOM! he clearly has an axe to grind which means energy wise on the song it made for crazy metaphors like " Lindsey, Or mcCaffery how a nigga "run it back" aint funny how a Colorado nigga make you run it back" or "laidbacklee and westcoast looking out for us on the whole shit,we got 2 minutes and 30 seconds to the freeway hanzo bounce out with the AR make em spin like a DJ and on top of the car thats my nigga dante, be and ray in the bushes with glizzy semi out spray, and thats me(the Don) with the draco make it sing like Aiko"  he did a great job at creating an image of what he was saying in the listeners mind. but then i saw the muthafuckin visual guys, HOLY SHIT.... ITS THE FIRST DENVER SUPERSTAR EVER! ITS A MOVIE!!! 10 out of 5 stars. the shots are crazy! the dance moves, the outfits, the money, the iconic fairfax shot.The "DOPE" clothing store and the graffiti shot behind there store is EVERYTHINGGGGGG. big shout out everythings keen and 24K promotions really went off on the edits and production, i see they took it to another level now. this is why you are all here. this is why im proud to pay my subcription. i cant give too many details based on what me and MegaTron talked about. the promo video can drop at any moment he said but the video will premiere monday night 06/15

EXCLUSIVELY ON CONQR ONLY... LATER TO BE RELEASED ON YOUTUBE AND WORLDWIDE. so stay tuned yall! im excited  now more than ever, and to MegaTron Thank you so much for allowing me to express myself. and do something i love.
havent blogged in at least 5 years, but this really gives me new life. new ambition,  and a new sense of swagg. like what? im blogging about my favorite rapper on his website?! how cool is that! who else would do that? nobody but MegaTron The Don thats who!